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What if we took inspiration from communities of gamechangers ?

Enseña Perú (Peru)

Since 2016, Enseña Perú has been developing programs, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, to improve academic and non-academic outcomes for students living in remote communities across the country. Their innovative and collaborative approach empowers teachers and fully integrates local communities in the development of local schools. With over 12,000 students and 125 schools, they are leading a national movement to transform education.

Low-Tech with Refugees (France)

Created by the association EKO, the project "Low-tech with Refugees" aims to improve the resilience and autonomy of displaced persons while contributing to the sustainable development of the territory, through the dissemination of know-how and low-tech systems. In parallel to these trainings, they accompany the beneficiary communities in the development of their professional projects in the fields of handicrafts, peasantry and other future professions.

The Pourgues ecoVillage (France)

The Pourgues EcoVillage is a democratic eco-village, located in France, inspired by Sudbury schools and liberated organizations. For the past 5 years, 40 people have come together with the intention of reclaiming their autonomy, particularly on the issue of education. Their pioneering approach provides a nurturing context for children in which they are fully responsible for their lives, without coercion. For one month, I will explore the strong community ties of this collective that has been learning to unlearn in order to relearn.

Ecole 42 (France)

This innovative computer programing school created in 2013 by Xavier Niel has revolutionised traditional learning methods to meet the new needs of the IT sector. Their pedagogy is based on gamification and peer-to-peer learning in order to make their learners totally autonomous within a personalised educational path. As teachers have been replaced by a set of methods and tools, I will analyse what are the keys that make "42" a real learning ecosystem.

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