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What if we returned to our ancient ways of learning?

Kichwas (Ecuador)

For two months, I will meet the Kichwas, an Amerindian community living in the Amazon region of Ecuador. During this immersion, I will live alongside these inhabitants in order to understand their worldviews and their relationship with their cultural heritage. I will study how they transmit and adapt their knowledge to the evolutions of the last decades. In particular, I will go to the forest of Santa Rosa to meet José Licuy, a great healer.

Inuit tribe (Greenland)

The Inuit are nomadic hunters who live mainly in Greenland. In order to survive in these extreme conditions, they have created and maintained learning mechanisms over the past centuries that are now deeply rooted in their culture. But as the new generations settle down, a new challenge arises: how to preserve ancestral traditions while adapting to emerging needs and desires. Through the Inuksuk mission, the study will analyse the evolution of these learning methods, trying to combine heritage and modernity.

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